Body Of A Warrior Referral Program

Give friends $100 off BOW, get one month of 50 BOLD membership free.

How It Works

1. Share this referral link with your friends and instruct them to use the coupon code FRIENDOFBOW to get $100 off.

Here's a copy/paste script you can use:

I've been using Body Of A Warrior to get my health on track and thought you'd like it, too. You can use the coupon code FRIENDOFBOW to get $100 off here:

2. When a friend joins BOW through your link, they'll get $100 off their first round of BOW, and you'll get a free month of 50 BOLD membership in return.


Credits have no cash value and many not be exchanged for cash.

Credits are not transferrable between Warriors.

Your credit will be redeemed in the form of a delayed billing or a partial refund, depending on the timing of the referral.

There is no limit to how many new Warriors you can refer and get credit for.

If you have any questions about this referral program, please contact us.